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On the day of the weaver star On the hour of the ox People await near and far As the timer ticks and tocks

For eight hours they wonder Until the sixth zodiac sign Then fourteen bell chimes thunder And after it, a repeat sign 𝄆

"As long as we are with hope, we live. We stand tall." With these first dozen words She is introduced to all

Soon to arrive is this nephilim A singer, a streamer, a soul of kindness Born a half demon and half seraphim She is Hope Incarnate, she is IRyS

Once the Hope of the Paradise In times of eons past She awoke to our modern cries For the same hope she once cast

In these times of despair, when flames burn cold When people give up before dreams unfold With her heart of gold, her voice so bold She sings for tales and futures yet untold

In four days she will be here In four days she will shine And through the bird in blue we hear She tweets a repeat sign 𝄆


July 07, 2021

Countdown Witnesser

The hololive English channel posted an 8 hour countdown stream . Throughout the entire countdown, fans were full of anticipation of what this stream could mean, with a number of people guessing a new VTuber will debut as it was nearly 10 months since the debut of hololive English Myth. At the end of the countdown, the stream showed ||: (the repeat symbol) and the channel released the debut PV for the new VTuber/VSinger of hololive English, IRyS.

July 11, 2021

Hope Debuts

Hope has descended (3 times). As all debuts go, IRyS showed us information about herself: her likes and dislikes, her favorite manga and anime, her character designer Redjuice, and of course demonstrated the voice that earned her the title of ‘VSinger’ by singing ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis’. She also revealed the release of her first EP, Caesura of Despair, which includes 4 songs: the titular ‘Caesura of Despair’, ‘diorama’, ‘HERE COMES HOPE’, and ‘Caesura of Despair (attacca version)’.

July 11, 2021

Caesura of Despair EP

IRyS' first EP, Caesura of Despair, released during her debut stream, marking the start of her journey as hololive English's VSinger. The EP includes:

Caesura of Despair



Caesura of Despair (attacca ver.)

July 12, 2021

IRyS’ First Gaming Stream and Fanbase Naming

After IRyS’ big debut was a success, as shown in her first ever schedule posted , she would then play One Hand Clapping as her first gaming stream ! But before she could start the gameplay, IRyS saw a lot of wonderful suggestions from pre-chat for the fan name: Pupyls, Nephamily and IRyStocrats. With chat saying both Nephamily and IRyStocrats, IRyS decided to do a coin flip. Not the google coin flip, actual coin flip. With Heads being Nephamily while Tails being IRyStocrats, it was all up to fate to decide the name given to the fans and fate decided that the fanbase will be known from now on as the IRyStocrats (A combination of IRyS and Aristocrats).

July 14, 2021

IRyS’ Superchat Unlocked & Hololive Song Covers Announcements

Three days in since debut and IRyS finally had her superchats on ! With the IRyStocrats sending in so many superchats, it was like a rainbow speeding and filling almost the entire Youtube chat completely. IRyS had to speed up on reading her superchats and showcased her potential rap skills in order to announce something before ending the stream. And that announcement was 4 Hololive covers to be posted in a month, which got the fans hyped (and also laughed at IRyS’ misspelling of first into fist).

July 16, 2021

IRyS’ First Karaoke Stream

IRyS’ karaoke stream was a long awaited stream for various fans with around 36,000 viewers watching the stream at that time! People were already blown away when IRyS sang Cruel Angel’s Thesis on her debut stream, but this karaoke stream truly showcased her strong mid to high range vocals and great vocal control. Befitting the role of HoloEN’s one and only VSinger!

July 18, 2021

いのち/Inochi Cover

The first of four hololive original songs that IRyS covered on her first month. Starting of with the VDiva of hololive Japan, here is IRyS' cover of AZKi's song:


July 25, 2021

Palette Cover

The second of four hololive original songs that IRyS covered on her first month. Next is from the devilish member of hololive Japan Generation 4, Towa's song:


July 28, 2021

IRyS’ First Unofficial Collab!

On IRyS’ first ever minecraft stream , making a clumsy mistake (or as we all say, PonRyS strikes again) of joining the JP server instead of the EN server - at this time around, both servers weren’t connected until much later. Playing the game for the first time, she didn’t really know what was going on and was attacked and followed by a large number of zombies until her knight in shining armor flew in and killed the monsters of the night. It was none other than Polka! Who was later dubbed as “Batpol” (Batman & Polka). This marks IRyS’ first unofficial collab with Polka!

July 29, 2021

IRyS’ First Official Collab!

After her minecraft stream, IRyS would then officially collab with Calliope Mori in Just Shapes & Beats stream in Calli’s channel . The two hit off so well considering how these two went out for tea, even before IRyS’ debut. But this duo isn’t the last time we’re gonna see them on stream! It’s funny though, how IRyS’ unofficial collab with Polka happened just a day ago.

August 01, 2021


The third of four hololive original songs that IRyS covered on her first month. Following along is from the diamond in the rough, shooting star in the sky, Suisei's song:


August 08, 2021

Shiny Smily Story Cover

The fourth and final hololive original song that IRyS covered on her first month. To cap it all off, we have the song that every hololive fan would know:

Shiny Smily Story

August 13, 2021

MythRyS Gartic Phone Collab

This Gartic Phone stream marks the first Hololive English collab with IRyS being the newest addition to the family! The members laughed at IRyS’ legendary greeting with her HiRyS and had a wonderful time together with their drawings.

August 14, 2021

IRyS’ Membership Unlocked

A little over a month since debut, IRyS has officially unlocked Memberships with Chroneco-san making the emotes for the Nephamily - which IRyS has kept the name from her One Hand Clapping stream to name her fanbase and has dubbed the IRyStocrats who had joined her membership instead.

October 15, 2021

The Beginning of CHaDCast

On October 15th, Calli held an open VC endurance jump king stream. A few hours into the stream, Bae joined the VC to have a chat with Calli. An hour later, IRyS joined the VC as well and the three of them had talks about various random topics, ranging from movies, anime and their own personal stories. These three managed to talk for several hours and was seemingly like a podcast and the viewers really enjoyed this moment. This sparked a thought and on 30th of January, the first episode of ChadCast aired, standing for Chaos, Hope and Death.

October 24, 2021

Hololive English (MythHopeCouncil) Full Collab

Unlike the Gartic Phone collab back in August, the members of Hololive English expanded and had their first full members collab in a game of Among Us hosted by Kiara! Despite losing the final round due to a PonRyS moment, IRyS herself solo killed all members of HoloCouncil, dubbing her the famous Council Slayer title!

November 01, 2021

First “3D” IRyS Appearance

For Halloween 2021 , the members of CouncilRyS debuted their first “3D” models and IRyS debuted as “DollRyS”. DollRyS would then become inspirations for two merch ideas in the future. Despite the appearance of DollRyS, the main highlight of this stream was when IRyS and Myth danced on the grave of YAGOO using shark men models.

November 06, 2021

Minecraft Sports Festival 2021


IRyS, Calli, Fauna, Kronii, Mumei, Moona, Ollie, Anya, and Reine formed the fan-favourite “Red Team C” of the Minecraft Sports Festival 2021. From calling IRyS bald to collectively becoming valley girls, this team was always full of surprises. And to cap it all off, in the final relay race of the festival, IRyS managed to gain the lead in her part of the relay, which eventually lead to Red Team winning the relay. This caused both Red Team and White Team to tie in score, concluding the event with both teams’ victories!

December 03, 2021

HoloFes 3 Announcement Stream

For the announcement of Holofes 3, IRyS was part of the collab and debuted as CardboardRyS for the 3D stream. This was also IRyS’ first appearance on the official hololive channel. IRyS and her senpai partook in a few games , the highlight being the English telephone game which resulted in IRyS claiming that “hololive is comedians”. Through this collab, IRyS got closer with her senpais, most noticeably Sora-senpai with their tee-tee moments and their collabs in the future.

December 04, 2021

YouTube Music Weekend

IRyS participated in YouTube Music Weekend , an event where multiple music artists from all over YouTube do a relay of videos of themselves singing. IRyS sang the 3 original songs from her Caesura of Despair EP, as well as BLUE CLAPPER, Suspect and her personal favourite, Kirameki Rider.

December 26, 2021

Sparks of Joy

IRyS' first original solo release. As a Christmas surprise, here is IRyS' song:

Sparks of Joy

End of 2021


January 11, 2022

Journey EP

IRyS' second EP, Journey, released on her 6 month anniversary since joining hololive. It details her journey among humanity. Journey includes:

Only in Hope

Joy with You

Nameless Sadness

Bare Your Teeth

Sink Again, Rise Again

Flower of Hope

February 14, 2022

CARaoke Valentine's Date

For Valentine's Day, IRyS prepared a karaoke car date (CARaoke) for the IRyStocrats. To represent the date partner, IRyS drew a stickman with a hat, now known as GuyRyS. The date had its twists and turns, from driving the car backwards, to having an idol meeting on a highway, and even… an isekai plot?! Without a doubt, this was one unforgettable karaoke experience, especially if you watched the “Director’s Cut”.

February 26, 2022

See the World

IRyS' second solo original release. A song that is all too familiar to those who have seen or played "Delivering Hope", here is IRyS' song:

See the World

March 07, 2022


March 7th marks IRyS’ Birthday but this stream was also her first birthday stream . Like many birthday streams, IRyS’ was structured around scheduled call-ins where she got to interact with her kouhais and senpais such as Choco, Towa for the first time on-stream outside of big collabs like Minecraft. Slightly before the stream was live, her cover on Identity by Kanaria was released and her birthday merch which consists of Desk MatRyS, DollRyS, MugRyS, Situation Voice and bonus postcard for the full set was revealed.

March 07, 2022

アイデンティティ/IDENTITY Cover

IRyS' first non-hololive cover song. This song is commonly sung in duets, but IRyS decided to sing it by herself, highlighting the angel and devil side of her. Originally by Kanaria, here is:


March 20, 2022

Hololive SUPER EXPO 2022

On the second day of SUPER EXPO 2022, CouncilRyS held a karaoke party ! To start the karaoke party, IRyS opened up with “Only in Hope” from the Journey EP. And as a group, CouncilRyS sang the quintessential hololive song “Shiny Smily Story”. Perhaps one day, CouncilRyS will stand on the grand stage of holofes, along with the rest of hololive.

March 30, 2022

あかつきと花/Akatsuki to Hana

IRyS' third solo original release. Here is the very spring themed song:


April 17, 2022

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Race

With only the Wretch character and a wooden club in hand, IRyS, Calli, and Ina raced against each other to defeat the mighty Tree Sentinel in the first open area of Elden Ring’s Limgrave. IRyS created her character, who suspiciously looks like Kaworu from Evangelion, and off to the race she goes. After many close calls and near victories from every girl in the race, IRyS managed to get victory in the race, claiming the title of “Tree Sentinel Ass Kicker of Hololive English”.

April 29, 2022

心臓が止まるまで/Till the End of Me

IRyS' fourth solo original release. Get ready to vibe with the very chill feel of IRyS' song:


May 31, 2022


From the game "NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD", here is IRyS' new cover song. Welcome your K-Nephilim's:


June 06, 2022

Dokomi Concert with Meet & Greet

Announced on April 4th, IRyS and Kiara are going to be performing at Dokomi 2022. Dokomi would be IRyS’ first concert ! In preparation, Kiara taught IRyS a few German phrases to engage with the crowd. This resulted in a funny moment where she asks the crowd whether they are Team Brüste or Team Popos (IRyS is team Brüste). After the concert, fans got to participate in a meet & greet with IRyS. This was also IRyS’ first M&G, and having two major occurrences made this event a very memorable one.

June 29, 2022

One Step at a Time

IRyS' fifth solo original release. A song dedicated to the IRyStocrats, here is IRyS':

One Step at a Time

July 05, 2022

Mascot Design - Enter Bloom and Gloom

Thanks to Sana’s artistic skills, IRyS was able to create a mascot for herself! Or should I say… MASCOTS! Here comes Bloom and Gloom , two twin cat-like creatures with similar yet opposite features, similar to IRyS’s angel and devil features. Bloom has one pink eye (left eye), and Gloom has one blue eye (right eye), the opposite positions of IRyS’ pink and blue eyes. They also have a yin yang motif, Bloom being black on white and Gloom being white on black. Each with one wing, they require each other in order to fly. Now, they are a part of every IRyS stream, floating just above IRyS on the screen, as well as on the sleeves of IRyS 2.0. They even appear in one of IRyS’ covers.

July 11, 2022

1st AnniversaRyS

IRyS celebrates her first year anniversary … 7 minutes late because GuyRyS and her were still stuck in traffic. Joking aside, to celebrate the anniversary, the VSinger held a karaoke, singing a variety of songs, some of which are her originals, and one song that was sung the most throughout the past year: One Last Kiss. IRyS also watched her debut stream, and perhaps a surprise to some, she didn’t cringe as much as she thought she would. She even did a duet with herself 1 year ago by singing Cruel Angel’s Thesis. And the biggest surprise of all, two family members called in, DadRyS and AneRyS, to congratulate her on 1 year of being in Hololive.

July 11, 2022

Quarter Bravery EP

IRyS' third EP, Quarter Bravery, released on her 1 year anniversary. Each song in this EP represents a certain emotion, can you identify them all? The EP consists of:





July 19, 2022

CouncilRyS Ender Dragon Fight

Following in the footsteps of the members of hololive English that came before them, CouncilRyS decided to fight the Ender Dragon in the Minecraft EN server . Our six brave ladies have collected the tools, the weapons and the armour to slay the Dragon in the End realm. They had an arduous effort fighting… the journey to get to the End, as they kept getting side tracked in the preparation to get to the dragon fight. Once they had arrived, the raid leader Fauna discussed the strategy to smoothly slay the dragon. They did not smoothly slay the dragon. Nevertheless, they defeated the dragon and decided to commemorate the moment with a group photo.

July 21, 2022

Be There or Be Triangle! BEEGsmol CouncilRyS VR Collab

CouncilRyS joined together to do a VR Chat collab , but with models designed by none other than Sana herself! They toured around the space, played a variety of games, just chatted amongst each other, and all together just had fun with each other’s company. Near the end of the stream, CouncilRyS sang “secret base” as a send off to the stream, but also as a send off to Sana. This was CouncilRyS’s last stream with all 6 members, so tears were shed as they each expressed their love for Sana, and for each other.

August 29, 2022


IRyS' sixth solo original release. Remember that you are not alone, with IRyS' song:


October 14, 2022

風堂々/Ifuudoudou Cover (With Mori Calliope, Hoshimachi Suisei, Tokino Sora, AZKi)

IRyS' first group cover. Featuring the reaper Calli, the shooting star Suisei, the diva AZKi, and the dai-senpai Sora, here is the very "seiso" vocaloid song:


November 16, 2022

Moment of My Life

IRyS' seventh solo original release. Get ready to spend a moment of your life with IRyS' song:

Moment of My Life

November 26, 2022

oath sign Cover (with Tokino Sora)

IRyS' first duet cover. With Tokino Sora, they sang the opening for Fate/Zero by LiSA. Here is IRySora's:

oath sign

November 27, 2022

2.0 Reveal

IRyS mentioned that she would be getting a redesign! On 24 Nov 2022, IRyS would drop the trailer for her new look, where the big reveal would be on the 27th of Nov. After an announcement from the heavens, IRyS would ascend to the soup store to get new clothes and accessories. Afterwards, she descends once again, slowly revealing her new body, hair, outfit and finally her fac-..oh ascends again. Finally she descends once more revealing her ever so cute face and greets with one of her cutest HiRyS.

December 23, 2022

The Oogly Christmas Sweater Contest

IRyS held her first fan contest, and it’s about Christmas sweaters ! From hand-knitted to… TKB designed (?), many, MANY IRyStocrats submitted their beautiful, or should I say UGLY, Christmas sweaters in hopes of getting an icon drawn by Hope herself, as that is the prize for winning in a category for this contest. On the 24th, IRyS gathered the requests of the winners and drew their icons on stream , with each winner requiring to promise that they would use the icon forever for a month or so.

December 30, 2022

story time (with Star Flower)

Star Flower's first song. This unit consists of amazing singers from every branch of hololive: IRyS from hololive English, Moona from hololive Indonesia, AZKi and Suisei from hololive Japan. First heard from the 2nd teaser for hololive alternative, here is Star Flower's:

story time

End of 2022


January 14, 2023

Kimono Reveal

After a year's delay, IRyS can finally join the rest of hololive English’s kimono outfits with a kimono of her own ! Like with most outfit reveals, IRyS first showed off predictions for her kimono. All of them are beautiful, some more… meme-y than others. And then comes the reveal, showing off the beautiful kimono. Star on one side, a planet on the other, this kimono is intricately designed by Redjuice. A beautiful kimono befitting the beautiful Nephilim.

January 27, 2023

4th Holofes Announcement!

As the 4th Holofes was confirmed during Hololive’s 5th anniversary stream, A-chan, Sora, Iofi and Kiara hosted a stream to showcase the merch for the concert as well as the idols who would perform on the ‘Our Bright Parade’ stage! With the newly added HoloX, ID gen2 and of course, Project: HOPE and Council to perform on the BEEEG stage!

February 02, 2023

Ministry Host Club

As a follow up to Council’s Ministry stream from 2022, the “boys” have returned to host a club , this time with a newcomer named IRyK. IRyK’s sole purpose for working in a club is to provide support for his ever-so-lovely younger sister, IRyS… and especially to pay for her keyboards. Coincidentally, IRyS also appeared as a customer to the host club, requesting for the princely Faun. In the end, IRyK managed to earn the most money for the club. Too bad his sister spent all the profit and then some on the club itself, unbeknownst to IRyK.

February 06, 2023

CHaDCast Offcollab

After over a year of podcasting with these girls, they all have finally met each other in person and held the first ever Chadcast offcollab episode . All together at Calli’s place, they decided to have a pizza party while doing their normal Chadcast routine, talking about anime, talking about food, and talking about… smashing on the TV?! They talked about the exciting events of the past month, such as IRyS’ Kimono reveal and the Ministry Host Club, They also talked about even more exciting events that are yet to come, such as Bae and IRyS’ Gisney Land date, and holofes 4 Our Bright Parade!

February 08, 2023

BaeRyS Offcollab

A year ago, a promise was made for IRyS and Bae to go on a Gisney Land date and on this day, it was fulfilled. IRyS and Bae held their first ever offcollab , talking about their date, how they got matching rings, their experiences on the rides, and soon after the collab, their adventure to a strawberry farm (which wasn’t revealed to the public until Bae’s NOT birthday at the end of the month). To celebrate this offcollab, they announced the fruits of their labour, which took them about 9 months to make: baby collaboration cover songs.

February 14, 2023

Daikirai Na Hazu Datta Cover (with Hakos Baelz)

The first of two cover songs prepared by Bae and IRyS for Valentines Day 2023. Originally from Honeyworks, here is BaeRyS':

Daikirai Na Hazu Datta

February 14, 2023

Erande Kurete Arigato Cover (with Hakos Baelz)

The second of two cover songs prepared by Bae and IRyS for Valentines Day 2023. Originally from Honeyworks, here is BaeRyS':

Erande Kurete Arigato

February 14, 2023

CARaoke Sequel

Sequel to the famous CARaoke date comes the aptly named “ CARaoke Sequel ”, continuing the saga of IRyS and GuyRyS. As it turns out, the previous CARaoke was just a dream, and this is the REAL date… to a family restaurant? Similar to the CARaoke last year, this was full of beautiful singing, and a wild plot that results in a high speed car chase and GuyRyS ending up in jail.

March 07, 2023

Hopey Birthday

Another year, another birthday comes by. And for this birthday , IRyS gave the Nephamily members updated emotes that fit the IRyS 2.0 design, as well as new emotes such as an IRyS headpat, GuyRyS “headpat”, and GuyRyS bonk and YabaiRyS for whenever us IRyStocrats or IRyS gets a little too “excited” on stream. IRyS also held a karaoke in VR Chat with a new model that makes IRyS look like a princess. This is also the first time IRyS used a VR set on stream, so we got a chance to see her moves, but mostly just bonking on the mic. And it wouldn’t be a celebration without merch! Tapestry, Bloom and Gloom slippeRyS, and perhaps the one that got many IRyStocrats excited the most: tofu mousepad! Early and fast buyers of the whole set had the opportunity to get a limited edition hand-signed polaroid-style card!

March 18, 2023

HoloEN’s 1st Concert: Connect The World!

On February 11th, the Hololive English channel suddenly dropped a video titled: #holoENConnect , which only gave the fans hints about something happening in L.A (Los Angeles, California) this summer. Later in March 18th, the same day as DAY1 of the 4th Holofes, as the concert ended, many fans around the world were very hyped as Hololive announces the first ever Hololive English Concert which will be held at Youtube Theatre in L.A on July 2nd PST (July 3rd JST)! - It was revealed in later streams that IRyS was the one who suggested the title “Connect the World”!

March 19, 2023

4th Holofes DAY2!

The BEEG day finally arrived! For all fans and especially for us IRyStocrats! IRyS performed Shiny Smily Story with the other girls as the opening ceremony of the 4th Holofes DAY2! It was enough to set many fans tearing up or straight up sobbing! The banger performance with IRyS’ HERE COMES HIPS HERE COMES HOPE gave the IRyStocrats sheer hype as they cheered her on - physically and virtually. The fans were even blessed by the return of MoRyS (Calli and IRyS) on stage to perform Kaibutsu/Monster by YOASOBI! And with the perfect end to the concert with all the girls performing Our Bright Parade as the final act!

May 06, 2023

Hololive World Mario Maker Tournament

A few weeks prior, Pekora announced a Mario Maker tournament within hololive, and IRyS is one of the participants. Together with Fauna, Koyori, and Nene, these four girls form Team B, named “Cutetiv♡4” . They held fierce competition, but in the end they were able to secure the victory for the Pekora Challenge section of the tournament, granting all four of them… rather questionable trophies, much to Pekora’s disagreement.

May 28, 2023

Hologra Debut

As part of the hype building for Connect the World concert, the official hololive channel is debuting the CouncilRyS members in the popular series “hologra”. Starting it all off with IRyS, the personification of positivity, Project: Hope, half-angel, half-demon, a Nephilim . The animation plays with the angel, devil, and… human (?) side of IRyS being so easily influenced by the touch of Kanata (an angel), Towa (a devil), and Chloe (the representation of all humanity?). In the end, the hologra episode showcases IRyS singing and dancing, ending it with a beautiful smile.

June 12, 2023

アイドル/IDOL Cover

The opening song for Oshi no Ko, by YOASOBI. With IRyS as Ai, Bloom as Ruby, Gloom as Aqua, here is IRyS':


June 16, 2023

Connect the World (with hololive English)

Myth, Project HOPE and Council's first group song. Here is the song to commemorate hololive English's first concert:

Connect the World

July 03, 2023

Connect the World Concert

Hololive English held their first live concert in front of 6000 people live, and even more on stream. The concert started off with a whole group Shiny Smily Story. Later on, IRyS sang Gravity, captivating the audience with her clean voice and simple yet graceful choreography. IRyS and Bae held an MC section together, doing calls and responses that the audience will never forget, much to their regret afterwards. IRyS also sang Caesura of Despair as Project Hope’s unit song, once again drawing the audience in with her beautiful performance. To end the concert, hololive EN gave their messages to the fans and then sang the titular Connect the World, with Kirameki Rider as their encore song.

July 11, 2023

2nd AnniversaRyS

2 years of hope, IRyS celebrates her 2nd year anniversary in hololive! Unveiling her Home3D for the first time, the VSinger once again hosts a karaoke party. Not only that, but IRyS also unveiled her yukata. As for merch, we have canvas art, tumbleRyS, IRyStocratic ring, shoulder bagRyS and a postcard for those who get the whole set (hand signed for the quick IRyStocrats who were able to purchase the limited edition).

July 11, 2023

地球最後の告白を / Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo Cover

Released on the 2nd anniversary is IRyS' 12th cover. Originally a vocaloid song, here is IRyS':


Her journey continues...